A girl in her twenties, living in Ireland and far too obsessed with books, reading and writing for her own good. She is also a vampire geek, so much so that her masters thesis is on vampire literature. This is the excuse she uses for having ordered Eclipse online due to its UK and Irish release not being until October; she clearly needs it before her thesis deadline, obviously. Obviously. Also has a dangerous dependancy on coffee. One day she'll finally finish the three original novels she's juggling, along with regularly submitting original stories for (hopeful) publication and writing fanfic for fun. She works in a bookstore and regularly recommends Twilight and Eclipse to unsuspecting customers.

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The Thing that Feels Teen 0/5 1 1 No 2541
The whispers travel swiftly throughout the city: vampyre, vampyre. There is a vampyre in our city. Carlisle has reluctantly been an unwiling spectator of his father's vengeance and obsession for years, watching countless innocents being hunted down and put to death. But no one is prepared for the hunts to reveal a horrifying truth, one that will change Carlisle's life forever and begin his descent into hell...

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