Hello there! My name is Shana and I'm from Belgium, currently 20 years old. I became a fan of the Twilight saga quite late because I sort of refused to read the books and watch the movie. Why? Well I thought of it as a mere teenage hype at first. But I guess it gets to you eventually. So I read the first book and was immediately hooked, mentally kicking myself for not reading sooner (prejudice, I admit). In the meantime I read the entire saga and I'm regurarly prying on youtube for any sneak peek I manage to find of New Moon ;). There's not much to tell about me. Well I'm studying to become a teacher in secondary school (subjects: english and history) - please don't kill me. I love fantasy books and movies. I was probably inactive for a week reading the Twilight saga. Once I find a good story, there's no way you can keep me away from it. It sort of drives my boyfriend crazy as well. Furthermore, I love to draw. I'm not good at all but I really enjoy it. By the way I hate drawing hands. They really are the most annoying part to do. Well I guess if you have questions, you can just ask me... well at least if someone ever stumbles across my biography here ;) Shana.

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Kiss me, Jacob Black Everyone 4.5/5 4 1 No 1
A drawing of Bella and Jacob kissing in Eclipse, right before the battle starts. Pinpointed to the moment where Bella surrenders to him.

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