Hello, world! I’m Ecilpse (Yes, the typo is intention), also know as Lana. I’m a freshman in High School, and I’ll be 14 in November. Go Scorpios! I’m nothing out of the ordinary—I’m 5’8, have light brown hair and blue-green eyes. I live in the lovely, cold Canada, and enjoy dancing in the winter snow and the hazy summers. I’m quiet and withdrawn, unless I’m among my close friends. I basically the withdrawn, quiet kid in the corner. :P. I exist mainly for writing and my friends. For music, I love Within Temptation, Blaqk Audio, AFI, Blue October, Kelly Clarkson, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Three Days Grace, and Linkin Park. My favourite song is Frozen by Within Temptation. For books, I worship The Writing Goddess, Stephenie Meyer. Twlight, New Moon, and Eclipse all the way! I also adore Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, The Kiesha’ra Series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Harry Potter, and Lords of the Rings. When I’m in the mood for an erotic horror, I read Anne Rice. (Pandora is my favourite character and I have little love for Lestat.) That’s just me, really. Nothing interesting. I won’t mention my beliefs here, for they are very personal, but I do believe in spiritual healing and all the good stuff. My one story on FF is Breathe No More, a Twilight AU. (It would make me very, very happy if you read it, and maybe dropped a well-rounded, well-thought out review…or a one-liner would still make me smile.) So, to let you see how slowly I write, here is my Chapter-Status Meter® (available at all fine retailers): Chapter Three of Breathe No More, Price (Title subject to change): 2. Good-bye, my dears! And please review! I’m not one of those annoying people who demand a quota of reviews before posting a chapter, but they do motivate me a wee bit. Now go read my stuff (Please)

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