Well i had no idea what this bit was, & so thought i would start :) I live in England, right in the middle of it :) Thought you should know ... TEAM JACOB :) But that doesn't mean in all my stories Bella's going to run off with Jacob Although that may happen in some :) As you have probably guessed i like smiley faces :) Oh if you ever don't understand a word or phrase, then right it in the review box and i will answer as soon as possible backbone is my main project at the momentchapterFOUR is now up :)new chapter every saturday unless i have too much CW I've slightly lost interest in my other 2 stories I might do a few one chapter short stories depending how i feel Oh and i have no idea what most of the abbreviations mean :) thanks for reading :)

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Moved Everyone 4.5/5 2 3 No 1966
The Cullens&Jacob move to england, this is the first time at school for Nessie. Disclaimer, I dont own any of the twilight characters they are Ms Meyer's Can't decide if i should carry on or not
backbone Teen 5/5 6 6 Yes 6529
Bella starts to realise things aren't as perfect as she once thought they were. Mostly Bella's POV but some Edward and some Jacob. Bella/Jacob ChapterSIX has been uploaded :) Disclaimer, all characters are ms meyers :) Weird spellings or words? I live in England, ask me about anything you dont understand :)

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