Hey, I'm 14 years old, a freshmen. I'm very artisitic. I write, draw, sing, act and play the guitar. I've been into Twilight for 2 years now. Thanks to my mother I have been able go to all the midnight releases/showings. Thanks mom(: I am Team Edward. All. The. Way. Email me? ilovehim1295@myspace.com I also post on www.twilighted.net which honestly is a much better site.

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I'm still Breathing Everyone 4/5 1 1 No 512
Bella fails to complete her high school credits to graduate because of her depression from her broken heart. Charlie is beyond frustrated and sends Bella to live with her second cousin, Nicole, to redo her senior year. Bella starts a new life, in a new place. Her opinions and interest will soon reflect the views of her new found friends. Bella starts to change from a miserable girl to a love struck punk when she meets Cove and his sister, Rosaline. What happens when Bella's life is starting to fall into place, but is suddenly turn upside down by her Heart Breaker pleading his case?

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