im casey, but to my friends im *Casey-kinz*. i was born in the sunny city of san diego california. ive lived my whole life as a military brat i feel like ive lived everywhere. but most recently ive been moved to the cloudiest place on earth...england. *sigh* i cant wit to move...but its gonna be like two more years... i will switch schools in the middle of my sophmore year... that's screwed up right? im just recently started school again and like six of my friends moved. but ive got more. i love making new friends! and don't be afraid to critsize me harshly... i'm a big girl...i can take it.

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The Name of the Game... Adult 0/5 3 3 No 3465
Four years ago the life of six people changed drastically.They think their lives are about to go back to normal.But they are stepping into deadly game where the rules state only one can win.Victoria has other ideas: no one wins.Is there a way around her rules?

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