YAY! I place where I can blab! XD Ha ha, well first off, my name's Arcane and I am a huge Twilight fan. That is my current obsession. P.S. Arcane means unknown 1. I am an usually crazy and hyper person, to people that I know, of course. To strangers, I am usually known as "that quiet girl" 2. I love writing, but I suck at it. My fanfictions usually mae no sense or will have no chance of happening, but oh well, you know? We're all learning, we're all writing, we're all having fun. 3. I am a huge Bella and Edward fan, and I am a huge anti-Jacob fan, no offense to Jacob fans. That's just me, so you'll probably see me randomly writing things like "BELLA AND EDWARD!" and stuff like that. 4. Hmm...what else can I possibly tell about myself...Ah, yes. I would appreciate it if you review!!! XD It's just nice to know that some one is reading your work and would make a comment about it. Anyway, KIWIS!!! P.S. I'm known as twilightedheart on

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Eventide Teen 4/5 5 2 No 2972
Everything was perfect; Edward and Bella were going to get married, Victoria was gone, then suddenly everything goes wrong. A deception tears Edward and Bella apart. Will their love be able to survive this? *Skip first chap. if you get bored easily*
Rebellious Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 683
Edward's rebellious stage.

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