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PLEASE READ MY STORY! Hello! I love Stephenie Meyer's books! I'm currently reading New Moon. Yes, I am aware that there are eclipse spoilers on this site, but please dont tell me a spoiler. ;) Twilight - read
New Moon - read
Eclipse - read UGH! I cant wait untill the next book comes out. AHHH! I have to read fan fictions all the time so I dont go crazy!! My Twilight Cast Emily Browning as Bella Swan: Clicky Gaspard Ulliel as Edward Cullen: Clicky Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle: Clicky Rachel Weisz as Esme: Clicky Rachel Leigh Cook as Alice: Clicky as Jasper as Emmet Hayden Panettiere as Rosalie: Clicky as Renee as Charlie John Stamos as Laurent:

Clicky as Victoria: as James:

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Burning Soul Everyone 4.5/5 14 1 No 911
What if right after Edward left, someone came to visit Bella? What if that person was a vampire, and that vampire was hungry? Very hungry. Who can save Bella? Read and find out!!

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