I'm an aspiring writer and it's what I plan to do with my life (either being an author or an editor.) The written word is my passion... and I make it my job to protect it from evil chat-speakers. :P I find Stephenie Meyer's writing style to be fascinating. Never have I been so sucked into a story where 600 some pages go by so quickly. I aspire to produce something remotely close to her creativity. My theory is that it's because she shapes her stories around her characters... not her characters around her stories... if that makes sense. Unlike most people on this site (I'm guessing)... my favorite author is not Stephenie Meyer (Don't shoot!) It's Truman Capote. Gasp. Love him... he's an original and his work cannot be duplicated. He wrote "Breakfast At Tiffany's" for Pete's sake! "I don't care what anybody says about me, as long as it isn't true." - Truman Capote. I like to do Graphic when I'm bored... let me know if you want a banner or anything. ;)

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Beacon for Her Soul Teen 4.5/5 18 1 No 1827
He had seen her. Her lifeless body, the lips that had ignited his very soul were cold and blue. Her eyes would remain forever closed. He would never feel her warmth again. There had to be a way. If he, a monster, could exist, there had to be a way she could. It would be his final act.

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