My name is Heather and I am a Twenty-four year old. I live in Dallas Tx with my husband of five years Joshua and our two Beautiful little boys! Kole and Koullier are amazing children! I love my life and could not be happier (unless Edward shows up)! I am in love with music! My list of bands could go on forever but I'll start with what will probably be the most shocking to some of you.......ready.... Hanson!! I know I know crazy huh but i fell in love with their music at Eleven years old and they just grew with me! They are very me! Other artists include Kings of Leon, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Nickleback, AC/DC, Muse, Saving Abel, Sick Puppies, SaintKarla, Buck Cherry, Hailstorm, Lynyrd Skynyrd and far to many more to name!! If theres anything else you would like to know ask me!

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Save Me Adult 0/5 3 4 No 3935
Late at night when no one is watching, when no one can see, they share their deepest secrets with each other. Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan are total opposites, they aren't really even friends, but they trust one another for reasons that neither one can explain. He has told her things that no one else does or will ever know! She knows how he is, the things he does and why he does them...but she just wants him to see the beautiful soul he possesses. While she watches him spiral out of control she wants nothing more than to save him! But in order to save someone that person has to want to be saved..He is stubborn and can't see the truth about himself..he just wants the pain to end..can she make a difference before it's to late?

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