Twilight is my life. I mean it. Without Twilight, there would be a huge, gaping hole in my chest. I'd be like Bella in New Moon! Only, I wouldn't know it because I wouldn't have read the books!! *scowls* I love Emmett! If you love Em, you agree that Rosalie should just back off. After all, I'm a vampire too, and I can very much put together a newborn army myself to kill her. Jasper would have a cow... Jasper is my best friend's guy! If you so much as lay a hand on him, prepare to lose a limb or two (or four). We will tag team you!!!!! I hate Mike Newton. I loathe Mike Newton. I swear, he should really go jump off a cliff already. It would suck if he didn't. I'm going to have a really long profile. Someday. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. And when my profile gets full, this will still be there, and I will be laughing at you for not believing me. Ok, so for my stories... I'm writing one now called 'Following My Brother's Footsteps.' It's a story of betrayal, romance, secrets, and it is definitely a Team Jacob story. Very much heartbreak from Edward. I'm also rewriting a friend of mine's story. It's called 'Vampires and Wolves: Happy Holidays.' It's a werewolfXvampire fic. Read her story to find out more. She's volturiprincess949, or you can just look for her fic in the "Post-Breaking Dawn" section cause she's on the first page. *put ur title in stars or "quotations", baby* I have a series of one-shots that I plan to publish one day, and when I do I hope you love them. A lot of them include little fluffy stuff, and one day I might even do a collection of my bestest. But that's up to you guys!!!!! I'm gonna write a story in IM, just to let you know!!! I've read the 'ttyl' books, and they totally rock, man! OMG, HAPPY 13TH!!!!! For my birthday (November 13th) I GOT A COMPUTER AND 100 DOLLARS IN GIFT CARDS AND OTHER CRAP!!!!!! hehehe, i'm posting this and it ISN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET!!!!!! ok, so I want to show you how I write, if you want to see. Here's a little thing I wrote, a little Jakeness. I ran through the woods, ducking under tree limbs and jumping over briars, finally arriving in a small clearing. My eyes darted from tree to tree as my body began to shake uncontrollably. A wave of sick nausea came upon me as my body began to ripple and change. I heard a ripping sound, and then turned to see that my shredded clothes were scattered all over the clearing. I howled, seeing that I was fully wolf, and ran into the woods. I had to guard my pack, and more importantly, my beautiful Nessie Cullen. u like?? Don't lie if you don't, because i am NOT easily offended. I mean it.

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*Perish Song* Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 1676
Death is inevitable for most. Ashe knows. Her family and best friend, Gerald, died in accidents. Now, a year from his death, Gerald summons her to heaven. In an attempt to save her life, he sentences the two of them to Forks, to live with the vampires. However, the world isn't as it should be. Alice didn't see Bella jump. All of the other Cullens returned, but not Edward. A new family, the Sakurais, moved to Forks. Bella fell in love with Yuki, the middle Sakurai brother. Edward returned to find Bella in Yuki's arms. Since then, he has been hiding outside of Forks, always watching Bella. Ashe and Gerald entered this world. Gerald is the youngest Sakurai, Takumi, and Ashe took the name Sachiko Fujioka. Can they survive in this new world? Or will death overtake them before anything real can happen?

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