HI! so the reason I'm making this account is that I want to be able to review. I'm not planning to post anything. but I do like to write, so maybe I'll write something Twilight related sometime... I am a fourteen year old girl from Norway, wich by the way has waay to little polar bears if you ask me:P lol, no one is going to read this! I'm talking to myself! hahaha! I talk to myself all day tough so it doesn't really matter. now I dont know what to write... I love nuts! especially the green ones with a shell round them(Idont know what it is called in English:P), I'm sitting on my bed eating them right now;) my favourite Twilight caracters are: 1. bella:D 2. Edward 3. Alice 4. Emmett and maybe jacob in between 3 and 4.

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my first poem EVER... so don't be too harsh on me. to be honest, this isn't twilight realted, is that a crime? I just wanted to know if I'm any good, cause I have no idea. but I guess I can say it's Bella in New Moon. it's quite short so please give it a chance!

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