Hiii, um i am a big twilight fan & love to write.I am 17 & a highschool junior.I like pretty much everything twilight, and if you want to talk more/comment/make suggestions/whatever else, please feel free to contact me. :) ^^^ Im all about this!

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A New Life Teen 5/5 52 5 No 3575
Banner made by the amazing Oh_Mike How Will I Go On This takes place after Breaking Dawn. Wha happens to Bella and the rest of the Cullen clan since the end of Breaking Dawn? Don't think the worst is over just yet... CHAPTER THREE NOW UPPPP! WOOTWOOT!Please Read&Review, I need feedback and always return the favor. :)
The Real Thing. Teen 5/5 32 3 No 2466
^^^Made by Oh_Mike How Will I Go On Bri Miller is a typical crazed twilight fan. However, what happens when she moves into a rainy city, and begins to look for signs of vampires? Well, she may not find the Cullens, but she finds someone else... CHAPTER THREE IS FINALLY HERE!

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