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Hello and welcome to my page :3 My name is Shelby Rae or you can call me Rae. I'm a writer but I also love to draw. I live with my parents and little sister as well as four cats all female, two of which are mine. I finished high school but haven't furthered my education. I plan on it but money is tight so it won't happen for a while.
I'm a fan of reading and have about 47 books open and reading right now.
I love to travel but have never been out of the country. I love movies most of witch have something to do with fantasy. I'm a huge football fan and WWE fan.
I love cats and dogs and most other animals though White Tailed Deer, Raccoons, Bears and Panthers hold specail meaning in my life. I'm shy in person but online I'm very open.
All in all, I'm quite normal but with some unique insite.
Don't be afraid to ask me questions! My offical website can be found here : this is also where all my art can be found, see something you like? I take art commissions. Just refer to my commission info
Its been a very long time since I've been on this site and my old story has been deleated. I'll be adding a new story soon for your enjoyment!

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Till Death to Us Part Everyone 5/5 1 2 No 777
Three friends, one town and a hundred years of least for one of them. When Carlee Rye came home form a short summer's break with her grandmother in California she never expected to find that her whole world would be turned on it's head. Love, pain, friendship and hardship follows her up until the day everyone dies; and beyond. Banner, Till Death do Us Part

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