TO ANY OF MY READERS WHO ARE READING THIS: I haven't updated Temporary Home in a long time for a couple of reasons. 1) I had 96 reads and one review. 2) my laptop crashed. I decided that the story wasn't worth continueing. I am going to write more stories soon. My story Home is being validated as I write this. HEY! I'm Erin. I'm 13. I love twilight. I haven't written too many stories yet... but I hope to soon! I'm a dancer on a competative dance team and the dance team at my Jr. High. One way to describe my school? It's in the middle of a corn field near I-80. I am the ultimate girly girl I LOVE make-up and hairstyling etc. Second story is started... it's called Home READ AND REVIEW stories please :))

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What happens when Edward's real parents want him back? alternate universe all human :))

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