Welcome, welcome :-D Hmm, what to say. Im a girls who's helplessly in love with a vampire, who by the way is fictional. The story of my life lol :-) Naw, i just really love the Twilight saga, i can't seem to read it enough times, and after i read hell-of-a-lot fan fiction, i just thought i was time for me to try creating my own stories. I promise i will make my profile more interesting some day! :-) Well, well, well please comment on my stories if you just happen to read them, that would just make my day! Lots of vampire bites and love Sofie :) Oh yea, just some songs you definitely should listen to at the moment: Robert Pattinson – Let me signOK Go – Shooting the moonSea Wold – The Violet HourRobert Pattinson – Bella’s LullabyBlue Foundation – Eyes on fireMuse – I Belong to YouMuse – Super massive Black HoleThe Magic Numbers – All I Believe In<3

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The longing for Edward Cullen Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 4239
The thing Bella wants most in the world is Edward. She wants him in ANY way possible. Will Edward give in to her needs? And if he does, can he keep his self-control or would he end up hurting Bella?

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