Sophie Black

hi, my name is Stephanie and I love to write fanfiction :) although, i absolutly hate not getting reviewed. Today I was reading MLIA when one particular one caught my. I have now spent an hour and a half trying to anwser this question. "If someone is born deaf, what language are they thinking in?" Touche MLIA. I WAS writing a story called "Changed" and had 6 chapters up, but for unknown reasons the website DELETED it!!! >:(

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Alexis Swan Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 752
Alexis Swan is Bella's cousin. What will happen ehen she finds out about Bella's "death" and comes to live with Charlie?
Sophie Everyone 4/5 3 5 No 3964
Sophie is strange, anyone can see that. But her entire world is turned upside down when she becomes fascinated with the Cullen's. They slowly become friends, but what will happen when the Cullen's discover she has a secret of her own? And what will a certain werewolf think of all this? (Post Breaking Dawn, no renesmee.)

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