I've been writing for about seven years now. (I'm pretty much done writing for the TwilightFandom and all other fandoms. I'm currently working on an original fantasy novel.) I am no longer updating or writing for the Twilight Fandom. This is the only place to find my old stories, feel free to comment. But do NOT steal my stories and try to finish them (ATT, in specific). That is not okay.

Stories Written (5)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Our Flesh is a Tomb Teen 5/5 5 2 No 4636
Ada been through an excruciating two week transformation, but the question still remains, will she take the form of vampire or wolf? Jacob’s lonely, he’s been on the run for weeks now and avoiding the answer. Will he attend the wedding or won’t he? Fate’s waiting there for him in the shape of a blonde wolf, or maybe even a blonde vampire.
Fate's Twist Adult 4.5/5 9 3 No 3841
Story is currently on hold, until I can rewrite some of the chapters. Sometimes fate deals us a deadly blow when we thought we knew what it wanted. Like a second soul mate or an incorrect premonition that leads us to the path we were meant to take. Edward has found one of his soul mates, but perhaps, he was wrong and just maybe Bella isn’t the only one he could ever love as truly and deeply as he loves her. Bella’s not the only one with two soul mates.
All I Ask of You Adult 4.5/5 52 1 Yes 2248
Bella and Edward’s first time could turn into a tragedy of its own, especially if Edward is unable to control himself. Inspired by the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (2004) and “All I Ask of You.”
A Better Place, A Better Time Teen 4.5/5 172 14 Yes 18524
It’s impossible, this can’t be… 1917. Even time, itself, can’t keep them apart. If this is a dream… I don’t ever want to wake up. Bella finds herself nearly 100 years in the past. Coincidentally in the city of Chicago. (Takes place during New Moon when Edward has left, AU.) Time traveling should be illegal. *COMPLETE* Sequel "All This Time" is posted on my profile.
All This Time Adult 3.7/5 35 3 No 3452 was you I needed.Sequel to A Better Place, A Better Time. Bella comes back from the past to confront a blood-lusting Edward who has lost his vegetarian ways. "His green eyes are haunting me from every corner of my dreams. I need him. I have to find him again." AU *INCOMPLETE*

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Time Travel Should be Illegal 3.7/5 207 2
Bella has a problem... She can travel through time. When and where she is going is a total mystery. But each time she goes backwards, she finds him.