Hey guys thanks for coming to my bio! I'm a major Twilight fan, not obsessed, but I love it. Favorite band is Evanescence. Favorite Author is Stephanie Meyer (of course) Favorite color is red. I'd rather be a vampire than wolf. I'd rather marry Edward than Jacob. My favorite wolf is Seth. I love twilight, but I'm not obsessed.

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Edward's girl Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 1689
Edward's GirlEdward was 17 when he was turned into a vampire. His sister was 14, Carlisle never told Edward that he changed her. But she ended up running away, after years of searching and keeping it a secret. Carlisle finally found Nicole. Nicole ends up with her new coven at Forks, see what happens.
Tied Together By Immortality Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 691
This is a poem actually! Yeah I've been told I'm pretty good at them, so lets see what other people think! Please be honest! I don't want to hear 'I like it' all over again! BE HONEST! No one is judging, except you you're judging my poem! Ok hope you enjoy, this is a poem about what Bella thinks of Edward, and what Edward thinks of Bella... Ok this won't be like one of those heart touch poems, well I don't think so. It will sort of rhyme, so ENJOY AND REVIEW! Tied Together By immortality

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