Thanks so much for reading my stuff <3 I'm a 22-year-old grad student, doing research in math and statistical genetics. I'm American, but I live in the U.K., and my English is now so bastardized that I think I've used 'whilst' and 'hella' in the same sentence before :) Back in November, I had Twilight shoved at me by a British friend who's way more in touch with American pop culture than I am :-p It blew my mind because it's a story about nerds that somehow gets through to every non-nerd who reads it!
I did a secondary undergrad degree in English lit, and I started going
crazy after a month of grad school because I wasn't writing or talking
about books anymore. Then Twific saved me/ took over my life :)
Writing may take time, but I totally started having better math ideas
once I started wrapping my head around my first fic idea!

As much as I love writing papers for the Journal of Number Theory and
such, I also want to write things that can get through to a bigger
variety of people. Seriously... I think
that figuring out what makes writing appealing is such an interesting
problem, one that got neglected during my otherwise wonderful lit
education. Please help me get a clue by reviewing and constructively criticizing!

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Death and the Maiden Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 8578
"As long as Alice stays precious to Maria, there's a chance she might survive. Fear of Maria keeps James at bay, and it's enough to make me smother the very reason for my existence, drowning her in blood every time Maria asks me to…" JPOV, Pre-Twilight Vamp AU.

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