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I grew with a half Japanese, half Jamacian mother and a Irish father. The funny thing is I can't speak either language. I write because I live to pretend. The greatest adventure is the one in my head. I applaud all the authors on this site for doing what you do best and may you suceed in everything that you do.

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Never Far Away Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 637
Greetings everyone. This is my first ever Jasper story. I know I'm excited as well. Even though I have a lot on my plate, school(College), work and family life I still wanted to put this out there. Now on our journey of Bella and Edward we've learned alot about our dear Cullens but was it enough? I love all the characters but if you're like me you want to get to the juicy parts of their unknown lives. I sometimes spent hours just creating all kinds of nifty stories for them and I think it's time that I'd share them with the world. Here is what I think went on before Jasper met Alice and the Cullens. It all leads back to our current day. Some bonds made can never be cut and family is never far away.

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