Hey everyone! My names Jess and I'm eighteen years oid. i live in Australia but really wish to move to England on day and get away from all this sun haha. I love twilight - obviously - and am an aspiring writer so what better way to start improving my writing skills then writing fanfiction? I have a number of stories in the works but my main running story is Eyes on Fire that is posted on twilighted.net and fanfiction.net. Hope you guys like my stuff and leave me lots of helpful reviews. bubbalicious_91 xo

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Eyes on Fire Adult 3.6/5 7 4 No 12445
One and a half years. That’s how long it’s been since Edward Cullen had banished himself and his family from Bella Swan’s life, from Forks, from the one place they truly felt at home. A lot can change in that small amount of time, and it becomes painfully apparent to the Cullen’s when they come face to face with the girl they left behind, only she’s not the same girl anymore. In an effort to protect herself from the pain of her past, she has become more confident, self assured and fierce. She’s a fighter now and their fate, along with many others now rests in her hands. Will she save them or punish them for past grievances?

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