I'm a mom of three kids, currently unemployed and love to read and write twilight fiction. I'm a big fan of the wolf pack. Love Embry Call to death and beyond lol

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Is it love or imprint? Probably both! Adult 5/5 3 2 No 4986
Quil's cousin Emma comes up to the reservation every summer with her family. She has met and become fast friends with Quil's best friends Embry Call and Jacob Black. This takes place before Twilight and moves in a slightly different direction than the books. Meaning, Jacob doesnt imprint on Nessie. IDK I havent made up my mind.

Can you imagine falling for one of your cousins best friends and them falling for you. Then the saga starts! They phase and lose touch with Emma, who starts feeling lost and depressed. She goes to visit over Christmas break and is rushed home after someone imprints on her, but she doesnt know it, her mother finds out and rushes her home and out of "harms way".

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