Hi. I'm Emily. I live in WI. I am a new writer. I hope i'm actually somewhat good. (LOL) Well. Some exciting news: my school voted me captian of saftey patrol next year. YAY. Well, I am team switzerland(jakward.). Some days i am leaned towards Edward, and some Jacob. I can't decide. My best friend is Loc Ness Wearwolf, author of sparklepuppies. I am single and happy. (GO GIRL POWER)

Stories Written (2)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Being Mrs. Bella Black Adult 0/5 0 1 No 2094
Bella Black is married to a hunky, beautiful man named Jacob. What happens when mysterious things start to threaten their marriage?
Aro's Daughter Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 285
What happen's when one of the Cullen's human sister comes for a visit? Read this story to find out!

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Emily Young 5/5 1 1
This is a whole bunch of stories that will be about Emily Young and Sam Uley.