The Immaculate Lie

My name is Rebekah Jones.I was born May 9,1996.I am absolutly 100 billion percent obbsesed with roleplay and writing.My poetry and stories are my life along with music of course! I kinda like twilight I used to be obbsesed with it but now it is just getting out of controll sorry too state the truth.As my name implies I am an immacculate liar,I have something called ocl (obbseseive compulsive lying disorder) Which means that the chemicals in my brain tell me to lie and I cant do anything about it.Im sorry if this upsets anybody but I can not help it.I am a BITCH Yes I am goiong to admit it to you people right now I will tell you anything to get my way or manipulate someone.I have stolen things from people and I have told people off and been caled some pretty horrible things but you know what life is a learning expirience maybe ive learned nothing maybe ive learned something but hey where all here for a reason.I belive that I am a terrible writer but I love to write,it is my life and I will write anything to help get my emotions out.Oh and I am deppresed so if I start snapping at you because im upset ort sad you know why. -The Immaculate Lie

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A fallen angel Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 789
Caderina finds one day that her parents where angels and that she is one too.She has now fallen from heaven and lives with the cullens trying to figure out her destiny.
Finishing your life,as he would have put it. Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 464
What would have happend if Bree and Diego had lived and fallen in love?Here is your answer.

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