Yola everyone. I love harry potter and twilight, but I will not admit to which one I think is better. Yet, there are so many good stories that one could write based on Twilight, so here I am, an aspiring writer writing about, you guessed it: twilight. Favorite books: The Wanderer, The Odyssey, Harry potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Goose Girl Favorite colors: Red and gold Favorite movies: The Avengers, IRON MAN, Captain America, Thor, All the Harry Potters, A Walk to Remember, Switchfootage (1 & 2) Favorite artists: SWITCHFOOT!, Relient k, Ruth, Leeland, Write This Down, Family Force 5, Anberlin, Nevertheless, Icon For Hire, Jon Foreman, Deas Vail, House of Heroes, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Nine Lashes Current Favorite Songs: The Setting Sun, Happy is a Yuppie Word, Lonely Nation, The Fatal Wound, Falling For You (Leeland), Therapy (Relient k), Hello Hurricane My Forever Favorite Song: Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman Favorite animal: Sheep(!) Favorite book of the Bible: Ephesians Favorite sports: Volleyball, plain old long-distance running Favorite drink: Iced tea Favorite quote: "Words can only say so much; therefore, live as you want to be heard."

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Never Death Do Us Part Adult 4.4/5 7 4 No 2786
NOTE: This story contains no adult content. It's just because I used the word "hell" (in the appropriate context, not as a profanity) that it got labeled as such.

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