Hi, I'm Arielle. I'm from the Philippines and obviously, I love the Twilight Saga. Those are just the basics. Moving on. :) I'm a Filipina so I have the guts to say that english is only my secondary language and that I am not the best when it comes to english. I write as if I am merely relating a story to another--that part of writing makes it easier for me. I've been taught by my english teachers pretty well and I hope that I have incorporated them well enough in my stories. Like most of us writers, we experience writers' block and black days. It's undeniable. It's inexcusable of me when I have these. I am always remedied by the Twilight stuff that surround me :) That's it :)

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Stuck Teen 0/5 0 4 No 7205
Edward leaves Bella but stays in Forks. Bella turns to his best friend, Jacob, for the happiness that she always finds in him. After a time, though, Bella is confused with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. When Jacob and Bella are finally together surpassing all the pain and trials they had, they face another problem. A new pack comes along and claims that there has been a personal violation between one of the new pack's members and Jacob himself. Jacob and Bella are yet again faced with another challenge that, this time, cannot be solved that easily. It's life-threatening.

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