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i'm back! i feel awful i'm not one to be giving up so quickly, just goes to show the kind of writer i am so yet again i will be posting on this site because nothing great comes easily so I'm going to have to work harderI also post on Mibba. All story's on here will be there as well. A few that arn't here also. There will also be some like originals or fanfics to some other things. They have no validation system so baby would be updated much quicker if your impatient, like me.Account: Well My names Hunter I'm a thirteen year old girl. I love writing,reading and singing along to MCR. I live in Ontario,Canada and i sometimes tend to say Eh, if i do totally ignore it because it's something i really hate to do but happens absentmindley. If I ever get around to writing a twilight fic i will update as frequently as my mind will let me. I've only once before written a twilight fanfic but i have loads of Harry Potter ones. I am very hyper most of the time but i'm almost always a happy person Oh and i LOVE Edwrad (much more then Bella possibly could) About The Stories:Baby- Okay baby is just the usual after eclipse story just with a few of my silly twists. It will be updated as soon as my loser sister gives my fanfic book back wich WILL be this weekend. Coming Soon:Un-Noticed- A One-shot about Mike Newton

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guess what? i'm back nd i'll update this soon chapter two is already on mibba though along with chapter three Edward and bella expect a baby but then jacob finds out When Chapter two is up: " You can be my sister any day." She said with a smile and then she hugged me!

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