I had another account, Christa_Cullen, but unfortunately I forgot the email and password for that account. I guess it serves me right for having so many emails, anyways I'll continue Reality, one of my stories, here and hopefully I'll get myself to post other stories from ideas that have been running through my head. Now about myself, I'm 14. I'm starting highschool in a few weeks, which is absolutely awfull cause I'm so nervous, even though I do want to go. I like different kinds of music, I love to read and write...and I have to thank the Twilight Saga for that, because before I saw the Twilight movie I didn't even glance at books, let alone chapter books! I fell in love with this wonderful world that Stephanie Meyer created, it was impossible for me not to. Sorry, I'm just rambling right now, so if you'd like to know anything about me, which I completely doubt, feel free to ask!

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Edward and Bella were getting married but Aro appears and unfortuantely ruins it for them. He separates and turns them, here's how Bella and her family move on without their loved ones. Create your own banner at! I know! Completely sucky summary but give it a chance! You don't know, maybe you'll like maybe not...anyways, ENJOY!

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