Soooooooo yeah. I just became a member after reading all these fanfictions on here. I've always had these things with books I guess. If they're really good then I'll sometimes just imagine alternate endings or different chapters, or a whole different plot entirely. I'm a writer, so naturally I'll have to write this stuff down. So this is the perfect place I guess, right? I'm very imaginative so I know I'll be writing quite a bit I hope. Hey...I even wrote a lot here! Funny how that works! Haha ok so yeah! Have fun! So I also see some people posting what they think of the Twilight Saga. Whether they love the books, and hate the movies, or hate the books, love the movies (never actually heard of that one yet) everyone has their views. Here are mine. I love Stephenie Meyer. All of her books are good. And I think any book is better than the movie that's made out of it. (With the exception of maybe a few.) I have to say that the movies are good. But of course with different directors in every movie...you're going to get different opinions about each movie. Like maybe I like New Moon better than Twilight, because it was based on the book better. And maybe i'll like Eclipse better when it comes out (June 30th...can't wait!) maybe I'll like Breaking Dawn better! See? Different opinions! The whole "teams" situation. If we're picking sides...I'll probably pick Jacob. I mean there have been short periods of time where I'm in the middle...like Switzerland. At first I was a huge Edward fan...don't know when that changed...actually it was after I saw the first New Moon trailer I think...whatever. But if you're going to pick teams for something like this...then you have to have a sense of humor cause taking this too seriously isn't right lol. The actors in the movie. I really like the cast chosen for the movies...except for when they replaced Rachelle Lafevre...that made me mad. And also when they almost replaced Taylor Lautner. I mean there has to be some limits, right, Summit Entertainment? I think Taylor Lautner is hot, Kristen Stewart is bad ass, and Robert Pattinson...eh...I guess he's not a horrible guy to play Edward. I would still get mad if they tried to replace him. Any of the characters I would be mad if they were replaced. So I'll probably write more later, knowing me. XD but hey that's what this website is about right?

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Edward leaves Bella again because something has happened. This time she learns that what she needs has been right next to her this whole time. Her sun...Jacob.

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