Master Sword

I love to write and I love Twilight. Really I don't think I really need anymore explaination as to why I'm here. Don't expect any heavily romantic stories from me; I will not be able to resist the urge mess things up in a funny/random way. (Bella and Edward are about to kiss and a rubber chicken falls on Edward's head. Bella would then squeal and fall in love with the rubber chicken. Edward has to set a rubber dinosaur on the chicken and then Bella will fall in love with Edward again. Unfortunately, I have two very serious addictions that I must make clear. My first addiction is It is a dangerous thing to admit but I must. My second addiction is to... band, the intrumental kind. Unfortunately my updates are someimes (okay usually) very few and far between simply because I spend a lot of time doing school work. I love video games (I'm a Nintendo Fangirl), rock music and comic books, especially manga.Fruits Basket is my favourite series (it's so funny). I also like Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note, though my friends are trying to get me into Naruto.(NB I finally read Naruto and now I'm seriously addicted XD so much I'm actually willing to put up with my crappy internet connection and english dubs "Believe it") My favourite band is Yellowcard (99% of their music reminds me of Twilight) and I also like swimming and reading books (lots and lots of books). Also if you want me to beta I'm willing and I'll probably be faster at that than at actually writing. To warn you I'm a beta newb so you'll have to give me certain instructions but I'm fairly good at editing so...

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The Workings of a Truly Random Mind Everyone 5/5 45 5 No 5014
It's Twilight, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, and various other random things that have absolutely nothing to do with vampires all rolled into one. (Spiderman may make an appearance) I own absolutely none of the characters or anything else- they are the property of their respective owners.
The Octopus Everyone 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 1031
I don't even want to know how I came up with this. This is what happens one morning when Bella finds an octopus in her room...
Edward on a Plane Adult 3.3/5 34 1 Yes 1356
This is what happens on the plane on the way to Bella's Mother's. I am absolutely willing to guarantee that it is not what you are expecting.

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