Have you ever read Twilight? Wait that was a stupid question. Well anyways Steph had a whole bunch of different ethnicities up in there... White (derr), Mexican, Egyptian, Jamaican, South American, European, even friggin Canadian! Or Alaskan... I don't know, they still eat bacon. But there ain't a single Asian vampire to be found. Quite frankly, I'm a little insulted. Meyer forgot us! So I'm just going to pretend she didn't, and I'm gonna fill that slot for ya. Just call me Kayla Cullen, a.k.a. the only Asian vampire in the world (: Wait. Hold the show. I lied. My sister bites. I'm beginning to suspect... Anyway, I'm not even completely Asian. I'm actually Mestiza [mihs-TEEHS-ah]. In other words, for those of you too lazy to fish for a dictionary, I'm half Filipino, half... whatever the hell else. I don't even know. Norweigan, maybe? Cherokee Indian? I think there's some French... wait. Two percent Chinese. Hmm... awkward silenceAll right... about me. Shopping. Twilight. Cookies. Oh, more specific, you say? Um, I hate Cheetos - ughh, processed, crunchy, unnatural cheese product covered in orange dust? Yum... I dig the whole sexy-nerd look. He's sexy... but he's a nerd. As in, he looks like Edward, but he wears black, rectangular Prada glasses when he reads. Now tell me it wouldn't be amazing when he strolls into the kitchen stark-naked the morning after an innocent, frolicky fuck, asking, "Is that french toast?" while wearing nerd glasses. With sex hair. Sigh... I'm never gonna be rid of that damn fantasy. Or that one librarian fantasy... Or that one on-his-desk-during-his-lunch-break fantasy... Gotcha horny? No? Gotcha weirded out? Get over it. We're moving on. I drink warm, flat diet Pepsi like there's no tomorrow. (Shut up.) Oh, and would someone please tell me what the fuck the sun smells like? "Edward... you smell like honey and sun... oh swoon... because honey on fire is just so attractive..." Idefk. I would imagine the sun smells like a fiery explosion full of smoke and bad chemicals, seeing as it is a ball of nuclear fusion reactions and hydrogen gas, but what the heck. It's poetic, it's corny as shit, and I used it in my fic. Don't judge (: I am SICKK of the English language. It's so ugly and... gross and... I wish I was born speaking Japanese or Icelandic or something, English is so boring. More relevant things... hmm, I'm a starving artist (I'm in a museum, bitch. But I'm not starving), a piano aficionado ('ello, Gov'na, shankyeww for inviting me to your Gov'na's School for th'arts, w00tw00t!), and a nerd with a 4.1 GPA (but a sexy nerd, damn straight). In spite of my absolute loser-nerd brain (which sometimes gets in the way of things), though, I am an extreme pervert, and I will not hesitate to unleash my pervy humor on you if given the opportunity. Want a crude joke? PM me. Kidding. (Maybe. If you do I won't know what you're talking about, believe me.) Well anyways... humor these days... ehh, it falls flat. "Yo mama." "Your face." "That's what she said." Who's coming up with these things, anyway? Since when has it been funny to make fun of people's mamas, or people's faces, or the accidental dirty things people say? Oh, right. Since the beginning of time. Right-o. So. I like... never come on here. The validation process is so LONG. But, I do play over on FanFiction, and sometimes Twilighted. I have two fics up on each, La Sua Cantante and The Holy Dark. You can find me on both under the same penname. Other than that, though... your best bet at contacting me is to PM me via FF. Ciao, lovelies :O ^^

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The Holy Dark Adult 0/5 0 1 No 3170
Photobucket "There are no miracles, no prayers answered - only accidents." He knows this well. They are one of these accidents. He's in the atmosphere because of it, protecting the other half of his elysian Soul from the danger her divinity attracts. He wants to go to her. But at what price? Eternal damnation. He doesn't care. He goes to her anyway. This is the story of Edward's journey to Bella, of the inner chaos Bella experiences from the second Edward touches down to Earth, and of the cataclysmic, destructive, ultimately forbidden love between two halves of a Soul that were ripped apart before there was even a chance at a beginning. Dark Themes. AH by default.

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