Hi people my name is Michelle. I really love Twilight! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ALERT! Im an Edward Fan! :P I absoulutly hate Jacob! im sorry :[ But for the Jacob fans i will try my best to include him in my stories. So ur probably guessing where im from. Well im from Illinois!! The windy city...Ring a Bell? CHICAGO! I found this website on accident.Im tottaly glad i did. hehe :] The story im working on is called " Lost In My Love" It takes time in New Moon Edward leaves Bella on her own. What if Victoria found Bella? What if now Bella is part of a new coven and they decide to move back to Forks? Find out what happens when Bella is in her future and has found her past! Ok thats all for now! If ya have any questions or comments plz email me at (I know. Crazy email name right? lol) Dont be afraid to ask. Im am open person!!! Twilight Rocks!!!!!! ♥♥:]♥♥:]♥♥ Thanks :P Peace Out!!

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Lost In My Love Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 1199
Edward leaves Bella. She is left all alone in the forest. What if Victoria found her? Bella is now a vampire with a new life,family,and coven. Bella and her coven decide to move to Forks. Find out what happens when Bella is in her future about to meet her past.. I only rated this Teen because for language.

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