I'm that kid who hides in the background. The one that no one sees. I'm that shadow, cloaked in darkness. I'm that circus freak locked in a cage for everyone to laugh at. I'm the person no one wants to be seen with. One day everyone will wish they saw me. Will wish they pulled me away from the dark. Will wish they never laughed. Will wish they'd been my friend when no one else would. That will be the day they wil all ask for forgiveness. That will be the day I forgive them. Until then, I trust no one. I watch the action, I read the stories, I dream the dreams, but I've never lived it. My life is about observing. Writing about what I dream. Photographing snap shots that will last forever. I'm different, I always have been and always will be. My story is a strange one. My family is a weird one. My life is an interesting one. I have never been one to speak out or to voice my opinion. I am a writer, patient, quiet, perceptive, and ready to try new things. I am kind of deep and as my brother says, wise. I will read your story if you just ask, but in return I'd like for you to read mine.

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A Burning Sky Teen 4/5 5 1 Yes 2347
I AM AGAIN LOOKING FOR A BETA PLEASE REPLY HERE OR SEND ME AN EMAIL AT I REALLY NEED A BETA!!!!!! SO PLEASE REPLY OR SEND AN EMAIL. I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR A BETA FOR MY BOOK OF TWILIGHT WITH A TWIST. PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL OR REVIEW! I NEED BETAS!!!!!!! We were vampires and she was human. We were endangering her life by even existing. My anger was diminished after on word that was murmured in her sleep — Edward. "Edward," her voce was soft. My face lost all emotion for a moment. After regaining my strength I smiled. She was thinking about me. Good thoughts or bad, they were about me, and that was all that mattered. "Sweet Bella," I murmured slowly. She let a smile cross her face as she dreamed. Maybe it was a nightmare; I don;t know, all I know was that I was in complete bliss. I AM VERY SAD!!! D: NO ONE WILL REVIEW MY STORY!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW! EVEN IF ALL YOU SAY IS HOW MUCH YOU HATE MY VERSION I'LL TAKE IT!!!!!! I AM DESPERATE FOR REVIEWS!

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