hey everyone!! i really love this series, but ill admit that i dont love it as much as i used to. im more into the crime/thriller stuff and the really sappy, nicholas sparks books. which is kinda weird, if you think about it, but those are my favorite types of books, so.... ummm, im starting college this september and im working a lot of hours at my new job, so i dont always have time to write. so sorry in advance because i know im going to be that person who writes a chapter and then its weeks or months before another chapter is written. i am going to try to advoid all that by writting my stories out completly before submitting one chapter. im already doing that because i have a couple of stories started and theyre both a couple of chapters in. im also goign to try some one shots. i just wrote one called I Want You...I Think... so go read it and tell me what you think. if you think it totally sucksand i should deffinetly just give up writting one shots, or even writting in general, then please tell, id like to not embarrase myself..... so yea....read my stories, and im giving you all permissionto yell at me if i get behind in updating. -Jacobsgurl(who really wants to actually be emmettsgirl but doesnt feel like changing it)

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I Want You....I Think... Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 1602
“Bella….”he whispered as one of his hands came up to cup my face. He leaned in slowly, making sure this was what I wanted. But I wasn’t sure if I really wanted this. I loved him. That I was sure of, but I didn’t love him like he loved me. I loved him as a best friend, as a sun that brightens my day, and makes the hole in my chest smaller. But what if I could also love him as something more? Edward is gone and Bella realizes he isnt coming back, but is she really ready to move on? one shot

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