welcome to my profile! an authoress, a twiiliight lover, a soccer player, a music addict, an artist, a nerd, a dog person, and a texting maniac.loves -- edward, viitamiinwater, heripod, her(limegreen) laptop, her luckysoccerball, herphone, and herdogs. dislikes -- commercials.needles.twilighthaters.awkwardness. standard disclaimerapplies to allstories.update 11/8/08questions to ponder:i.should i start a new story and just stop happy ending? for now, i'm just going to post a new story, and if it's okay with you guys, eventually i'll delete happy ending, kay? stories/oneshots: first impressions (oneshot [cullen challenge]) -- posted. honorable mention?! :) i'm requesting that you request. i need some more practice in me! :] any pairings, themes, etc! (but all will be oneshots.) thanks for (stumbling into) visiting my profile! c:

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Happy Ending? Teen 5/5 38 3 No 3293
Edward doesn't come back, and Sam doesn't find Bella. What happens when they meet again? Will Bella finally get her happy ending?
first impressions Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 525
Oneshot Cullen Challenge Alice writes about how she feels about Edward and Bella's first visit. Honorable Mention

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