i'm 16, i live in falkirk, scotland (pretty similar climate to forks washington), i have a little sister sophie who's 11, my best friends are emma-louise, anna, molly, laura and emma, i am soo lucky to have them! My mum is amanda and she's like my best friend too, my dad is walter and he's my taekwondo instructor! i love english at school, i want to be either an english teacher, a nursery nurse or a writer when i leave. at the moment i am thinking more along the lines of a nursery nurse, but i dont want to shut out the little possibilities that i could have. i love TWILIGHT (understatement), i'm on team jacob, but saying that, it doesnt mean i am against writing edward and bella fics. stephenie wrote them as a couple so unfortunately that does mean that it is official, no matter how much i would prefer her to have chosen jacob! i will attempt to write as many FFs as i can, but being in 4th year at high school does have its downsides, ie homework, homework and oh! even more homework! I adore writing fanfictions and i really want you guys to read them!!! i hope you like them and please review!!! another slight flaw. i dont have a computer at home yet, so u guys will have to put some trust in a complete stranger that i will not abandon you half way through a story! having read so many FFs myself i honestly do know how annoying it is to really love a story and to have the person just stop writing so i will try to update quickly. but on the library computers u get given a time limit (stupid health and safety rules!) so i might load a chapter thats only half finished but i honestly will try not to do that! i understand completely that for most of u twifans out there, that The Twilight Saga is extremely important, so if i make mistakes in my writing, slip up on grammar, spelling mistakes, insult ayone by accident, please please please tell me! i dont want to let anyone down so just tell me. i'm not a vampire. i do not bite! oh yeah, and my name is Rachel Jane Megan Livingston. peace! ps, if you havn't figured it out yet, Just Call Me Wolfgirl xxx

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All I Have Left Everyone 0/5 0 2 No 1585
Renesmee is all grown up, and is married to Jacob. Living in a small cottage, like her Mom and Dad, with her family nearby, Nessie is very happy. Then something happens to change all this, and it's all Jacob can do to keep his wife safe.

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