Hello All! I am in love with music, books, anything to do with vampires, and of course ANYTHING to do with Stephenie Meyer. I have just discovered the wonderful world of fanfiction, and it is mind-blowingly (i got this word from one of the fanfics I read, so credit for its creation goes to her, or him, i cant remeber who it was) awesome. Also, i am completely obsessed with horses. Pretty much, if I am not reading, then I am riding. I do hunter sytle jumping and right now am competing at Children's Hunter Division at 3'. My horse's name is Stuart, or Promise's Promises. He is a 16 hand chestnut Thoroughbred who I am completely in love with. If he was a human I would date him.

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Everything I Can't Remember Everyone 5/5 13 2 No 3192
Bella is changed, but something is wrong. The blinding pain that accompanies the change has wiped her memory completely. How will the Cullens catch a spooky newborn who doesn't remember them? How will Edward react? And how in the world is Bella going to handle herself?

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