i was born in lake charles on november 24,1993. i go to djhs. i luv the Twilight series(DUH!!!!!!!!!). i luv Harry Potter. i luv horses. im gonna b a vet. and thatz all u need 2 no.

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Happily Ever After? Everyone 5/5 29 4 No 8572
This is not all that bad. Especially considering I've never tried to write my own story before. I can't really think of a way to put it into words without ruining the whole story, but it starts out with Bella in the meadow. Victoria gets Bella. Bella gets bitten, and all that good stuff. You'll just have to read it to find out. I swear, I've tried to make it as interesting as possible and it gets more interesting further in the story. P.S. Sorry I haven't updated in, like forever, but my computer broke, and it took a really long time to fix, and when it was finally fixed, it erased all my stuff, including the internet. Basically, it was just like getting a brand new computer. Plus, I couldn't remember the website URL, it was my homepage, so I never had to... tear... newayz, I'm finally back on and working on the fifth chapter (again). Luv yaz!

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