because_you_live Ok. I'm Kari. I'm in 8th grade. I go to an arts school for Vocal Music. (singing) (Singing is awesome) I love to read, and write fanfiction, and sing, and play the piano, and act I have a quote of the day for every day (almost every day) an example: "Pretend this is not the picture you're looking at" - My computer arts teacher The best quote ever is, "Hava! You made me look dead! And Not the good kind of dead!" because my friend Hava was photoshoping me to look liek a vampire but it didn't work and I just looked dead. I don't like sports. And I am veryveryveryvery happy that my school does not have Gym. I have been writing (and reading!) fanfiction for a couple years now, (Twilight and Harry Potter mostly) but it never occured to me to post any of my work. I guess I was worried about getting flamed. So be nice *cute puppy dog eyes.* please. I was going to tell you all of my favorite books, but then I remembered that the list is like two pages long, and not that interesting anyway. I think that's all... yes. I'm pretty sure it is.

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Happy Ending Teen 5/5 24 5 Yes 5383
i'd like to say that this isn't your typical "Jacob finally imprints" story, except that it is. The teen rating is a safety net. Just in case something later in the story requires it. Jacob/OC ok. I'm really, really sorry. This story is just not working out. so unless I have some huge story epiphany, this story is cancelled.again, I'm really really sorry.

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