Yellow, peoples! I'm probably not going to write a lot, but, hey, ya never know! :) I'm also on fanfiction and twcs under the same PenName. I have i think 4 stories on ff. ------ Kay, I think I'm going to put some of my favorites here so you people can get to know me... :D Favorite Things (I know, stupid title right?;) ) Color: I absolutely love the colors blue, black, brown, and green! Awesome! Food: I LOVE cheese. I'm just weird like that... :) Web Site: Either this site or fanfiction. Movie: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas! It made me bawl my eyes out it was so sad! And I never cry! That's why I love it, or else it would be Twilight! ;D Character: Gotta say, I really like Bella, but Alice, Edward, and Emmett are cool, too! Composer: I'm really into classical or movie music, so, of course, my favorite composer is Yiruma. If you've never heard of him, look him up, 'cause his music is AWESOME! Band: Umm... I like Nickleback, Paramore, Led Zepline, that kinda thing... (I hope I spelled those right... :/) One weird fact about me is that I HATE chocolate and carbinated drinks! Now probably half of you are sayin'," Wow! What a weirdo!" Well, I'm unique. :D ------ I was thinking about writing a story, and I was wondering if anybody would like to co-author it with me. :D That would be cool! If you're interested, you can catch me at my e-mail which is hopefully at the top of the screen... I don't know :/. In case it isn't, it's Thanks! :D

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