Accounts (feel free to add me): (I'm posting on it again after a long hiatus!) Who Am I? I am Chadley, also known as Jaclyn. I am a resident of a suburban town outside of Philadelphia. I am a diehard Hanson fan. Yes, they were the blonde kids from Tulsa who sang about fictional words. But that was '97. I am an old time Twilight fan. I am definitely Team Carlisle. I am more of a fan of the Volturi than I am of the shape shifter Pack. I am a dreamer. I am observant. I am a daredevil. I am silly. I am a traveler. I am a procrastinator. I am a perfectionist. I am talkative. I am spontaneous. I am stubborn. I am a reader. I am an animal lover. I am a dog owner. I am a bit of a gardener. I am deathly afraid of mice and spiders. I am able to speak German. I am always hoping for the lights to go out during thunderstorms. I am a shopaholic. I need help with it. I am a Starbucks fan. I am handicapped when it comes to computers. I am awful at sports. I am trying to improve at art. I am usually making up terms and sliding them into conversations. I am an Anne Rice fan. I am a Stephen King fan. I am a huge fan of Supernatural, Royal Pains, Doctor Who, Pysch, and Being Human. I am a poet...once in a while. I am the mother figure of my group of friends. I am a Sagittarian. I am sleepy most of the time. I am a night person. I do not enjoy early mornings. I am not a fan of musicals. I am a daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. I am going to shut up now. ;)

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Fate's Twisted Charm Teen 5/5 115 21 No 70249
Fate's twisted charm is always what lures you in. From the beginning of her life she's been intertwined with myths and creatures. Now it's your time to hear her story and what she thinks about everything that has happened in the series we all know and love. This is Emily Young's life story. PhotobucketTwenty-One Preview: "Oh, Paul, you're not alone. I'm here and I love you. I know for a fact that Sam would not be the leader he is if not for you. Jared loves being with you and being your friend. And, so what if Leah doesn't talk to us anymore? It's mostly my fault anyway. She shouldn't take it out on you. I just get so worried about you sometimes."
Souls Forgotten Teen 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 801
A poem about Rosalie's end of her life and how she really feels about all of it, and how she feels about Bella's decision. Photobucket
Sweet Tangerine Teen 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 1743
A song-fic about how Edward felt the first night he went to Bella's room, and then comparing it to how he feels after New Moon takes place. Photobucket
The Tango Teen 5/5 12 1 Yes 3396
In downtown Seattle there is a club called The Tango. What would happen if, after Bella was changed, the Cullens and the La Push pack accidentally ran into each other at this so called 'The Tango'? Would a fight break out? Would the two groups be calm? How would Jacob and Bella react to seeing each other? Photobucket
Lost In The Past Everyone 5/5 15 1 Yes 888
A short one-shot on what Bella would do if there wasn't Jacob there to save her during the darkest moments in her life. Photobucket
Beautiful Disaster Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 860
A short one-shot on how Sam feels when Leah phases for the first time. Photobucket
Blinded By Darkness Teen 5/5 150 9 No 23246
A collection of one shots on how the Cullen men feel during different times in the three novels. Rated Teen for minor language. Photobucket
Chapter Nine: Edward's POV of when he asks the Volturi to die.
I Watched Everyone 4.5/5 19 1 Yes 3334
Angela Webber has seen many things in her lifetime. As she watches Bella suffer through New Moon, she reflects on something disastrous that happened to her own life before Bella came to Forks. Photobucket
Eventide Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 91
A poem in third person during one night in New Moon. Photobucket
I Remember Teen 5/5 24 5 Yes 12207

In Alice's opinion, what happened to Marcy Webber was one of the cruelest acts she has ever seen. And she's seen a lot. This is the story of the hunt for Marcy and for her kidnapper in Alice's point of view.

[Companion story to I Watched]

The Promise Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1449
The night Bella is turned, Jacob feels it. He can feel it in his heart, his mind, and his soul. And he knows then that he has failed.
This is the promise he makes to himself.
Death Of A Soul Adult 5/5 78 3 Yes 6250

His heart swells. His unbeating heart. It aches like never before. He has to let her go, he knows this. But why? Why? Why not him? What did he ever do wrong? If Bella had picked Jacob instead of Edward in Eclipse, and she told Edward, how would he react and how would the conversation go?

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Adult 5/5 20 1 Yes 2176
She stalks. He runs. Faster, faster, now. Her white dress creates a figure of heaven, little do they really know. It's a full cycle, a complete circle of before. The night Royce King is brutally murdered by a figure in white, what does he think? Photobucket
Good Graces Everyone 5/5 18 1 Yes 2118
After New Moon, Charlie is concerned about his only daughter. He's seen her fall once because of 'that boy', and when a certain group of people try to get Edward off the hook, it only adds to his suspicions. Photobucket
Everlasting Fire Teen 5/5 32 5 No 8141
Jake is still gone, and the Pack is starting to crumble without him. Then, strangers appear, attempting to kill the Cullens in revenge. Surprisingly, the Quileutes step in. What is going on in Forks now? How many secrets can this town hold before it finally blows over? Bella is still set to become a vampire, the wedding draws closer than ever, and they still need to get everything sorted out before something happens... something terrible.
A Dying Wish Everyone 5/5 65 1 Yes 5511
In the year 2084, Jared dies. The night he dies, he relfects on his life. He's lived through so much, almost too much. But when someone unexpected shows up in his hopsital room, someone deadly from his past, what does he do? Worst than all, does he survive from this lethal visit? Photobucket
Devil In Me Adult 5/5 14 2 Yes 4635
A labyrinth of a hellish afterlife, full of vivid nightmares and pleasant day dreams. Jasper had to break away from Maria's suffocating hold somehow, right?
Mirror and Rose Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 123
A poem on comparing Bella and Edward's love to two other objects. Photobucket
Whirlwind Teen 4.5/5 17 2 No 5397
You are a timeless piece of art; never changing and growing in unexplainable ways. You stay the same; the same contrast, the same colors, the same. Always the same. When Jasper left Maria, she was hurt. She suffered from never-ending pain and has searched for him ever since. When she finally finds him in Forks with a new family and wife, what will she do? [Companion story to Devil In Me]Photobucket
Spidery Patterns Teen 5/5 42 4 Yes 20720
The spidery patterns laced up the side of her face, glowing and pulsing in a darkened tone compared to her milky skin. I could not stop the bile from rising in my throat as I gazed on, teardrops catching on my eyelashes.
When Bella chooses Jacob instead of Edward, the surprise that takes hold of Jacob is astonishing. They start to build their lives together, out of nothing but love, but when one simple act on Jacob's part makes all of what they have done spiral out of control, what will happen? Companion story to Death Of A Soul, but you do not have to read that to understand this. Photobucket
Grim Reaper's Release Adult 3.6/5 539 39 Yes 326506
When the gruesome murder of a pastor is mysteriously caught on tape, what will happen to the vampire race? Suddenly, the world knows about vampires. The Cullens need to get out of Forks. And fast. But what will happen when the Volturi wants to interfere? Or the Southern Armies? And, more importantly, who are these strange vampire twins? Photobucket
All I Want For Christmas Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 10669
Second Place winner for the "It was a dark and stormy night" challenge. All Sasha ever wanted was to be needed. She had the most beautiful, caring three daughters but it was never enough for her, was it? The moment she saw Vasilii, she'd never been able to deny him her love or her time. Even when the Volturi threatened her with their lives. Thank you to awsomealice94 for the brilliant banner.

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