Name: Rebecca/Becky/Becca Age: 17 Grade: Freshman in College State: California Favorite Character(s): Jacob and Alice Favorite Pairing to write: Jacob/OC, Paul/Angela, Quil/Claire Small Things: I like to read and write. I play piano and paint semi well. I love fantasy, vampires, werewolves and Inuyasha. I tend to fall in love with characters and go through periods of depression and mourning when something bad happens to them. I probably will never be famous in the Twilight fan fic world because I don't write about Edward. I don't like him all the much and most fans are: "OMG Edward is lyke teh hawtness!!1!!!111!!!" I don't do that. I like my men warm, living and slightly furry. ;) Favorite Books: Twilight, New Moon, Mediator series, Jane Eyre and so much more, I won't bother you with a list. Music: Josh Groban, Evenesence, Nickelback, Frank Sinatra, Hayley Westenra Favorite quote for now: I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all. No... not the artful postures of love, not playful and poetical games of love for the amusement of an evening, but love that... over-throws life. Unbiddable, ungovernable - like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture. Love - like there has never been in a play.
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Stories Written (15)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Watermark Teen 3.5/5 85 15 Yes 28019
JacobOC Everything reminded him of her. He knew he had to get over this and home was not the place to do it. So, he ran away and it seems like a stranger and her family will be the ones who can heal him. JacobOC ECLIPSE SPOILERS Book One of the Imprints of Life series. FINAL CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED! AU
Forever Everyone 4/5 8 1 Yes 4258
All she wanted was somone who cared. She searched the world like a restless spirit until, one day she found what she was looking for. The story of Alice and how she finally found all she ever wished for. Alice/Jasper ONE SHOT
Speed Everyone 4/5 2 1 Yes 1682
Run, run run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me. You can't. Jacobcentric
Discovery Everyone 4/5 16 1 Yes 3827
A walk turns into a rescue. A rescue into a life. A life full of discoveries. Carlisle/Esme
Ink Stain Adult 4/5 163 20 Yes 31258
Jake/ Samara Jake and Samara are together again for the first time in years and everything will be alright now. They deserve it, right? When strange visitors come to Forks, Billy Black and Charlie Swan are put in the hospital. Now, Samara's past is brought to the light and the secrets Jacob knew she always hid are darker then he could have ever imagined. Lies, betrayals and the return of old friends and enemies, turn Forks Washington and the surrounding area into a battle ground, where the fate of all the immortals will be decided. This is the sequel to Watermark Book two of the Imprints of Life series Final Chapter posted.
Happy Birthday Valentine Teen 4/5 15 1 Yes 2314
Quil/Claire Quil really hated Valentine's day. Quil/Claire
Dances Teen 4/5 16 1 Yes 2333
She was lost and alone in this world, though she was surrounded by people. He's a loner, banished. Their paths cross and the unthinkable happens. (It's a double imprint story. You know you want to read it.)
Peace Teen 5/5 13 1 Yes 7712
He was always angry. She was calm. Fire and Ice. Ying and Yang. Light and Shadow. Both were hurt. Both found each other. You know you want to read it. It's got wolves in it. ;)
Friendships Teen 5/5 165 14 No 23987
I could not understand why she liked it so much. The rain. When we were in her room packing for her to leave and she mournfully threw all her tank tops into a pile to give to me, she said that she hated Forks because of the rain. Now, on the phone when I called her in response to the wedding invitation, she sounded like the rain was the greatest thing since…well Edward Cullen, her fiancé. For being so against marriage at a young age, Aunt Rene and my mother sure were exited about this wedding. So much so, that we were flying in two weeks early in order to help out. Edward/Bella, Jacob/OC
Finding, Seeing, Loving Me Teen 4.5/5 26 4 Yes 5813
It started with falling out of a tree and than jumping off a cliff. Both incidents changed Esme's life forever. Carlisle/Esme
Kiss the Rain Everyone 4.5/5 19 1 Yes 1076
In the end she didn’t go through with it. Edward/Bella
Almost Like Gravity Teen 5/5 46 4 No 6638
Jacob and Nessie's life is full of sad, funny and all around insane adventures as the learn to grow up together as one. BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS!!!
New Dawn Adult 5/5 5 2 No 2208
I should have stayed in Canada... Jangela
For Always Adult 4.5/5 13 3 No 3090
"I had never met someone so...poisonous. She opens her mouth and suddenly you are dead. It's a painful death, especially for me, the person who loves her more than anyone else in this world." Embry Call imprinted on the one girl no one ever thought of. She has a boyfriend and a life that does not include him. It hurts, but she's happy so he must watch her from afar. Then, tragedy strikes and he finds himself drawn into her pain as he helps to rebuild her the heart that was broken long before he even knew her. Embry/Lauren, Nessie/Jacob (kinship) Leah/Jacob, Seth/OC Warnings: Language, Sexual content, mature themes, violence Weird Ship alert!
Anytime Teen 5/5 13 1 Yes 3197
Just a Paul/Rachel meeting. She was a very cute drunk...

Series Written (2)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
Fate's Gift 4/5 31 2
Fate knew what she was doing when they crossed paths. These are stories of people who were born for each other, finding their soul mate. A collection of cannon pairings raging from the very begining.
Imprints of Life 4/5 292 5
Life leaves Its marks,