A thirty-something Team Switzerlander, I've been very active in the fandom in the past, but have recently written very little and read even less. After 2 years of zero productivity, I've recently begun tying up loose ends in old stories. I had 3 WIP that I'm trying to complete, and thought after that I'd be finished for good. However in finishing those stories, I've found myself thinking of others. Now I have FOUR works in progress, having completed one of the old ones and started two new... My policy in regards to my stories is that I don't post even one chapter until I've completed all the chapters. In this way, I plan never to leave a posted Twilight Fan Fic unfinished. If you've seen my stories elsewhere, it was probably on livejournal. My personal journal is: http://daintress.livejournal.com. I am also the moderator of the Twilight community http://community.livejournal.com/tm_switzerland. I hope that, if you like my stories, you'll visit the community. There are a lot of other great writers and artists who post their stories there. :) And finally, a disclaimer: I am not going to put a disclaimer on everything I post. Everything I post is fan fiction, therefore by definition, I am not trying to infringe upon Meyer's ownership of characters or the Twilight universe.

Stories Written (21)

Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Taking Care of Family Everyone 5/5 25 1 Yes 3739
Bella takes care of her family. And in return, they take care of her. No matter what it costs them.
She Was Always In The Dark Everyone 5/5 17 3 Yes 3841
The day she realized that the darkness didn’t disturb her anymore was a very disturbing day.
Goodbye Everyone 5/5 19 2 Yes 1084
I hate this! I hate that you’re gone. I hate not hearing the rocking chair creak at night. I hate that even though your cooking was inedible half the time, it was still better than anything I’ve eaten since, and I hate these God-awful yellow cabinets that remind me of you every single day! I should have told you when you started that sunshine didn’t belong in Forks.
A Different Path Teen 5/5 321 14 Yes 32636
How would the story have progressed if Bella, instead of Jacob, had answered the phone on the day of Harry's funeral?
The Road Less Traveled Adult 3.7/5 193 11 Yes 37418
Bella's worry over Jacob's disappearance drives Edward away. Years later, when she's had time to come to terms with herself and grow up, she and Jacob meet again. He, too, has matured. Can they build a life together? And what about Edward? TRLT Prequel to The Road Not Taken by Daintress of tm_switzerland .
Close Adult 5/5 21 1 Yes 1013
An R rated, but humorous one-shot that examines one of the horrors of the pack dynamic.
Dead Adult 5/5 34 1 Yes 2170
Bella is dead, and neither Jacob nor Edward really knows how to mourn her.
The Road Not Taken Adult 5/5 366 25 Yes 49058
Epilogue: “She didn’t really seem like that sort of girl,” Tanya commented, her tone just a tad sour, and Demetri quirked a smile.

“I get the feeling there’s a lot more to her than we’ve suspected.”
Sequel to The Road Less Traveled by Daintress of tm_switzerland.The Road Not Taken
A Little Bit of Stupid Everyone 5/5 81 1 Yes 1094
“Um, Cullen, can I ask you something?” Mike had grasped his neck with one hand, clearly a nervous gesture. Edward thought he looked like he WAS about to ask him out. He kept his face blank, in case the urge to laugh should well up in him again. The whole situation was bordering on the absurd.
Like Sisters Everyone 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 1173
“Sam asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I’m getting married,” Emily repeated. Leah just stared at her in shock. She and Sam had dated for two years, and neither had broached the subject of marriage. Emily had been with him for four months.
Embarrassment Everyone 5/5 25 1 Yes 1417
I tried not to sigh in exasperation. Being a werewolf was a serious business. So why did it feel like I was constantly being mocked for it?
Fireworks Adult 5/5 24 1 Yes 5517
"You lost it in the woods a minute ago?" Bella asked worriedly. She knew as well as anybody that I never lose my cool. Haven’t for years. I scowled over at Embry for mentioning it, but he didn’t notice. He was too busy whispering to Quil, who looked much happier all of a sudden. Quil loved to be in on a good plot. Fireworks!
Equally Talented Everyone 4.5/5 39 1 Yes 2116
...not as bad, notasbad, not as bad.... The phrase had begun repeating in Edward's head six hours or so ago, and it had taken him twenty minutes to figure out where it was coming from.
What Are Best Friends For? Everyone 5/5 21 1 Yes 908
Billy Black and Charlie Swan have been best friends all their lives.
Why Edward Cullen Hates Holidays Everyone 5/5 26 1 Yes 2535
Edward hadn’t wanted another mind filling up the house with insubstantial clutter that he could hear but never sweep away. And he hadn’t wanted an easily-recognizable face added to the family, which had meant they’d have to move again, and above all, he hadn’t wanted a love interest.
Four Related One-Shots Teen 5/5 78 4 Yes 6276
1 of 4: Meeting Mom ~ Edward remembered, too late, that his eyes were blood red these days. Her scream reminded him. 2 of 4: Family ~ His arms reached for her slim waist without any input from his brain. Her cool fingers were in his hair. This time it was her thought process that broke him out of it. He has to love me. He just HAS to! 3 of 4: A New Addition ~“I think you’ll be alright, though. You look pretty tough.” Edward said this flippantly, and then wondered at the wisdom in choosing that tone of voice. Through his pain, the huge, bedridden man SMILED at him. “Wait’ll I’m out of this bed, and I’ll show you tough.” 4 of 4: An Overdue Apology ~ "How did you know it was me?" Edward asked, opening the door with a smile. It was a familiar question, but he never got an answer. He never had, in all these years.
Don't Tell a Soul Everyone 5/5 116 7 Yes 3708
As he awaits the Volturi's decision with regards to his assisted suicide request, Edward writes to his family to say goodbye. What do they think, when they finally receive the letters, days later? Just added: Edward's letter to Bella when he believed her to be dead.
Wednesdays in December at Newton's Outfitters Everyone 5/5 64 5 Yes 7384
The beautiful, distant Bella Swan was far more distant than usual. She might as well have been walking on the moon, she was so far away.
Not What I Used to Be Teen 5/5 123 6 Yes 17301
Victoria caught up with her as she walked from her truck to the house. Charlie wouldn't be home for hours, but Bella didn't have time to be thankful for his absence.
Incessant Questions Everyone 5/5 23 1 Yes 548
"Why are we even bothering to HAVE food, again?” she asked playfully. “Because your family and friends all eat,” he reminded her patiently, “and so do you. And I want to make sure you keep your strength up,” he finished, smirking.
Leaving Behind the Rain Adult 4.1/5 18 9 No 22851
AU - Renee hates Forks. She takes her baby and leaves. This is the story of what Bella's teenage years would have been like if Charlie had followed them. Rain

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
The Road... 3.8/5 580 3
Close, The Road Less Traveled, and The Road Not Taken Soon to come: Post Script