Alright, I am in junior year of high school, am sixteen, and doing my best to finish a novel to get published before college seeing as I probably have no other hope, as my head is usually in the clouds, daydreaming about, well... *coughcoughedwardcullencoughcough*
When I'm not dreaming, i do spend a lot of time making graphics, so if you want a graphic for you story, just email me at I will reply quickly, and will try to get you the banner the same day, the next day latest, hopefully. I ask for nothing more than credit; if it's not given, I will hunt you down with both a crowbar and baseball bat, so if you're not a vampire, start sleeping with armor on. I give you fair warning.

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The Greatest Pain Everyone 4.5/5 3 1 Yes 114

A short poem about the day Edward leaves Bella.

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