Hey. My name is Shelbie Lynn. Facts about myself. 1. I am a girl *lol* 2. I have blue eyes. 3. I have brown hair. 4. I would rather run with mutts then with leeches.

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Embry's Crazy Imprint Adult 0/5 0 1 No 2155
Embry Call never thought he would Imprint. Neither did he want to, but that all changed with Joanna Uley was born. The daughter of his alpha Sam Uley. Now Embry has an imprint, but is it all that easy. He has to wait for her grow, watch her go though all the hard times of life, and he has to watch her be around another boys that she could fall in love with. Read how imprinting made this carefree wolf become a loving big brother, a protecter, a friend, and maybe a lover.

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