I am awesome, with a weird twist. I have long,wavy brown hair with lovely hazel eyes. I have glasses, but am planning on getting contacts. I also have braces, but are also getting those off soon. I am 13, and L-O-V-E writing stories and books. Well, that's pretty much it!

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Before she Jumped Adult 5/5 1 3 No 1482

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Before she Jumped 5/5 1 1
Remember when bella jumped off the cliff? Well, what would happen if Jacob caught her before? And Alice didn't have the vision of bella "killing herself"? Will Edward come back, or will they both move on? This is supposed to be rated teen, but it has a few curse words.
Living without you? Not a chance. 0/5 0 0
Bella has went through a lot of horrifying experiences with vampires, way before she met the Cullens. She is terribly afraid of them, but no one knows why(except Bella)! Will they figure it out???????