I haven't written any fanfic in a long time... but I'll eventually try to take it up again. :) In the works: + Today is Bella's Birthday-- Bella is a vampire, so Birthdays should mean nothing to her anymore. As the years pass, they begin to matter to her. She secretly yearns to truly be alive again when the harsh reality of living forever finally sinks in. I got the idea from Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven. + The Kill-- What's worse: losing your best friend and the person you love most because they're dead, or losing them because they've turned into a monster that you hate? + Wrong Kind of Beautiful-- A Twilight/Uglies crossover fic.

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Inferno Everyone 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 774
The day for Bella Swan to get what she wants, to become a vampire, has finally arrived. She knew there would be pain, but not this much, nothing like this fire burning inside of her...
.:oneshot:.:Bella's POV:. The lovelybanner was made by Japanezegurl
Heartbeat Everyone 4.5/5 12 1 Yes 780
Because suddenly the weight of forever holds her captive by way of her left hand. you were right, I'm sorry, I love youmini_heartbeat.jpg picture by M-Shizzle-Bang lovely banner by Maurader by Midnight

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