Hi people! In the real life I go by name Alexandra or Aly, anything you can come up with. I'm absolutely obsessed with Twilight and proud to admit it. I read my first ff a few years ago, have been reading and writing ever since. I only read Twilight fanfiction, my favorite character being Jasper. I am a sucker for angst stories, humor and Hurt/Comfort one-shots. I also prefer AU stories and non-canon pairings, but I can read anything, except wolves. I don't read anything with a wolf as the main character.

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Behind These Hazel Eyes Adult 0/5 0 1 No 2050
Elizabeth is a normal teenage girl, who's living her normal life. Except that she is anything but normal. Her best friends are a vampire, Edward Cullen, and a werewolf, Jacob Black. But that is just the beginning. Her past is so dark, that even Death itself fears her. Although she often tried to kill herself, she never succeeded. And that is because she has a dark secret. A secret from her past, that nobody knows about. She has been killed before. Barely injured physically, but literally killed inside. If it weren't enough, one member of the Cullen family has something to do with it, one member, that later on, she will grow very fond of. When time will come, she will discover who he is, but will their love be strong enough to keep her from taking her revenge? Jasper/OC, Very OOC, slightly AU, rated for dark themes, violence, swearing

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