hi, I'm 23 and live in Lancashire, England. I'm completely obsessed with Edward Cullen. I've written a few stories for twilight, mostly alternate universe. I'm team Edward all the way. Fans of Jacob or Tanya might not like my stories lol. Feel free to message me about pretty much anything. Thanks, much love, gemma xxx

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The Family We choose Adult 0/5 0 5 No 13641
Edward leaves the Cullen's at Carlisle's insistence when he is considering reverting back to his old life. This sets off a chain of events where Edward gets into fights, meets new vamps and fights of the advances of the Denali girls. Who are the unexpected visitors to the Cullen house?How does Edward know Bella? All vampire. vampire battles. betrayals, a kidnapping, and plenty of plot twists.
Finding my voice Adult 4.5/5 2 1 No 5413
All human. Edward is shy and awkward,struggling to cope with his hostile father and overprotective mother. He meets a pretty little waitress, who helps him survive a family torn apart by deep seated secrets and lies and shows him how to find his voice after a lifetime of bullying. Rated M for lemons and content.

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